About Me

I’m a mama to 4 young kiddos, supported by an amazing, beer-brewing engineer of a husband.

We have homeschooled for several years, and I think parents are capable of providing world-class formation and education to their young children at home – if they want to.  Parents should be able to have the joy and privilege of presenting the world to these young minds – if they want to.

For the 2013-14 school-year we have 2 children in public school and my K & 1st-graders at home.  American children attend school an average of 180 days a year – that still leaves 185 days to guide them!  So, whether you homeschool “full-time” or “part-time” (or both like me!) there are many great learning options available for your family.

I love homeschooling and writing, and I intend this website to do basically 4 things:

  • share details of why and how I homeschool,
  • promote Montessori educational philosophy,
  • share the styles of other happy homeschoolers, and
  • help me learn more about HTML & CSS!

I view children through Montessori eyes, and one of my many heroes is Henryk Goldszmit, aka Janusz Korczak.

Thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to drop me a note.
P.S. I Support the Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  This video does a good job of introducing you to the reasons why:


Just for fun:

One thought on “About Me

  1. I feel I have finally found someone who has a lot of the same schooling styles and about the same ages I do as well and it seems you are no longer doing it. I find it harder and harder to find like minded individuals with the same ages of kids. We do classical conversations from home (it was to rushed to do the classes but my boys loved them), I own a montessori school but my kids do not attend as I preferred our home unit more but we dabble in montessori at home along with some waldorf arts and hand works but we are mostly unschoolers (or follow the childs interests) so I believe in good education I just dont think kids need to be in full on learning mode all day 😉 Anyways, know of any other like minded mama’s out there in the blogging world that might be a good fit for inspiration? I dream of doing an adolescent montessori classroom that is on a micro farm with fiber animals and growing their own food with a strong emphasis in the arts but I also love the idea of worldschooling lol. So I guess we will continue our version of homeschooling until I can do one or the other of the dream.

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