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Welcome To “Helping Children Learn!”

Okay, humor me for a minute and imagine I have a giant-sized burlap sack.

It is over-flowing with exactly 7 billion unique flower seeds.  You pick just one.  You take it home, pot it in a little pot, set it on a windowsill, and water it.  What is there left to do?  Just to sit back and wait, and wonder what will happen.  When will the seedling emerge?  How tall will it grow?  When will it bloom?  What color will the petals be?

You can tell if a seedling is thriving or languishing.  Does it need more water, or less?  Does it need more sun, or less?  We make the adjustments as they are needed.  We don’t tell the seed how to grow, or what color of petals to produce. Raising a child is very similar to growing a flower from seed.  The job of the adult is to provide the environment within which the child can grow, to stand back and watch, to wait and to wonder.  “Human teachers can only help the great work that is being done, as servants help the master,” Maria Montessori wrote about the relationship between adult and child.

There are nearly 7 billion souls on our planet, and those of us who are “adults” are entrusted with the responsibility of providing a safe and nurturing environment for the world’s children.  I’ve witnessed this done poorly.  I want to promote the more effective ways.

After years of reading books by and about Montessori, I have come to believe that she was in a league of her own when it came to observing the true needs of children, especially the very youngest children.  I have incorporated many of her major ideas into our household, bit by bit and year after year, and have been amazed to see my own children respond to her methods exactly as she predicted they would.  There are other educational philosophies I have studied and either incorporated or rejected.  As the years go by, our own style of learning at home has developed, and I aim to share that style with the world on this website.

Initially I published these writings at MyHomeschoolStyle.com.  As my children grew older and went off to public school and I returned to full-time schooling myself, I decided to stop paying for hosting on that private site and move it all to a free WordPress site.  Enjoy!

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