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Topic List: Great Books For History Study

Welcome to the “Great Books For History” category!

If you asked every history professor in the world to come up with a list of “important” historical events to learn about, each professor would come up with a different list!  Below you will find a long list of general history topics – it doesn’t include everything, and each parent or teacher will have to choose what they want to study, and in what order.  Add a comment on this page if you think I’m missing an important topic heading or you have a suggestion for more useful or accurate categories. (History is not my strong suit!)  Each topic will eventually be linked to a post about great books to study with your children. Share your favorite history books with us by simply adding a comment under the appropriate topic!

World History:

United States History:

The Kingfisher Atlas of World History. Maps and information from 10,000 BC – present.

I also recommend browsing the book Historical Fiction for Young Readers, by John Gillespie, if you have it at your library.  It is an expensive, thick, hard-back book full of excellent information on historical fiction:

The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child, by Susan Wise Bauer. Volumes 1-4. I hesitated to buy these books for quite a while, because of the negative reviews I read on Amazon. However we now have volumes 1 and 4 both in book and CD form (not the activity books), and my 7 & 9 year-olds are fascinated by them. They listen to the CD’s over and over, and I think the details they remember and talk about amaze me. For lack of anything better, I strongly recommend this series.

Literature For Youth Series. If you can find them in your library, this is a great series of topic-based literature summaries for youth. I have seen volumes on the Middle Ages, Colonial America, WW2.

The Children’s Book of America, by William J. Bennett, is a collection of illustrated short stories from American history:


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