Our Homeschool

A First Day Of School

Journal Entry of Aug. 1, 2011:

Well, “school” started today, and it was a wonderful day.

For about an hour this morning I had 3 attentive boys in one of our classrooms, doing group time and Classical Conversations together, then doing their workbaskets individually or with mom.  (Little sister happily got to watch Sesame Street on Netflix.)  Not many days in the past have gone this smoothly.  Every other school-year we’ve begun has had to take into consideration a pregnancy, a baby, or a toddler.  Not so, this year, so it really is a different environment right now – certainly a less hectic one.

It is true, we are only “doing school” for about an hour, more-or-less.  If you’ve read my writings before, you’ve seen repeatedly, “if a child is awake, he or she is learning.”  Our days are full.  We have no television, no Wii, no video games.  Computer time is almost daily, but strictly limited in content.  The children play.  They wake up in the morning when they are no longer tired, they read books.  They create. They eat when they are hungry and go outdoors when they please.

They listened today to a CD of various memory work, poetry, and music.  They watched a bunch of caterpillars I removed from my garden, practiced violin, and spent time with neighborhood friends.  Of course, we had tea with snack-time, home-grown chamomile, mint, and lemon balm tea, dried and put into tea bags purchased here.  We drove nowhere and didn’t check the clock once.  I couldn’t be more grateful for this day.

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