Our Homeschool

Summer 2013

Regular readers have noticed that I haven’t posted any new content on this site for several months.  I have known for a few years now that big changes were in store for our family, and I knew that God was preparing my heart for them.  This summer, the changes came pouring down!  For starters, we moved ourselves to a new town – no small task with 4 children!  We enrolled our older 2 children into school for the first time – ever.  My dad is fighting major cancer and I’ve decided to go back to school full-time next fall. Our summer was packed with baseball, swimming, weddings, and so on.

I have several posts in my mind that I want to add to this site, but they will have to keep waiting until things settle down around here a bit.  In the meantime, I extend an invitation to all guest bloggers wanting to share ideas or resources that you are loving as we begin this new school year.  Drop me a note and we’ll talk details.

As a Montessorian who is well aware of the effect that our home environments have on young children, I have tried to put a lot of thought into the set-up of our new home, which is vastly different from the last house we lived in.  My only daughter has her own bedroom for the first time, and my artistic mother-in-law arrived with paints in hand, ready to paint anything requested on the bedroom walls, to make them feel like her own.  First request was a huge rainbow with a pot of gold at the end!  This was followed by requests for flowers, a snail, some ants, a ladybug, and some clouds.  As the mural went up, all of my children sat watching in awe.


It didn’t take long for my daughter to fall in love with her new room.  I hope to get back to posting more regularly soon!

4 thoughts on “Summer 2013

  1. Blessings to your family right now. Sounds like a tough transition for you guys.

    Your site has been such a big help for me. It is so thoughtful. We just moved to a new city and I am struggling with putting my 5yr old in public school or not. That must have been a tough decision for you. I am not worried about socialization with him, but he loves to be around other kids and it concerns me if I home school he will not have that as much. He tells me a lot that he is bored. And I tend to get very overwhelmed with things. I have a 2yr old as well. I wonder whether it would be too much a commitment for me for the long haul.

    • Thanks for stopping in, Melissa. I am schooling my youngest children for K & 1st this year. I haven’t ever sent a child to kindergarten, although if there was an affordable Montessori school nearby I would have! It is a decision that each family has to make on their own. There are so many variables involved. If you want to try h-schooling, remember that you just take it one year at a time. If you purchase an entire K curriculum (Sonlight or CHC for example) it can take some of the stress out of it. Develop a predictable routine for your son, and check out what activities are available in your city for him to do with other kids. (library, sports, co-ops, etc.) I hate having my older kids in school, but I also accept that it was the right move for us, and I am beyond grateful for the many years that I homeschooled them! Prayers for you on your decision.

      • Thank you so much for your kind words!! I do need to look into a curriculum to help if I decide to go that route. How did your children handle school?

        Prayers to you and yours!

      • My children are extroverts who were excited to go to school this year (last year they didn’t want to). They love being around other children their own ages. They said the best thing about the first day was that they got chocolate milk – twice. The children all had a reading assessment given commonly nationwide (AIMSweb) and both of my sons scored in the 99th percentile, way above average. They are going to an excellent school – we moved to get them into it. Now if I can just get the soreness of missing them out of my heart!

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