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A Song Of The Week

As I finalize my preparations for the upcoming school-year, one activity I have better organized and prepared is our “Song of the Week.”  I am planning around all 40 weeks of the upcoming school-year, and I have chosen a song for each week and gathered either a songbook or sheetmusic for each piece.  We sing the song 5 days in a row during our morning group meeting.  (aka Circle Time, Group Time, or whatever you care to call it.)  Here’s a PDF showing the 40 songs I want to sing this year:

[button link=”https://helpingchildrenlearn.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/songoftheweek.pdf” style=”download” color=”silver”]Song of the Week 2012-2013[/button]

We enjoy singing and we want to practice singing, but I also want to improve skills of reading music and introduce the kids to singing in parts this year.  We have a variety of music-theory workbooks here, and the children are learning to play violin and tin whistle.  We are hoping to find room in the budget for a good digital piano this year, also.

Our songs come from 3 sources this year.  Several come from 3 songbooks in the Making Music, Praying Twice collection.  Two songs come from Wee Sing Children’s Songs, and a few were copied from my Adoremus Hymnal Organist book.  All of these resources came with audio CD’s of every song for us to listen to throughout the week.  Click on any of the product images in this post to visit the respective websites!


One thought on “A Song Of The Week

  1. I do not know how I missed this last year! We love Making Music Praying Twice! We will need to add in the composer study for CC and all set. Thank you for the idea for this year.

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