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A Website For Fun Spelling Practice

Spelling City.com is a website with free registration that lets you type in a list of spelling words, save them, and provide fun practice or testing for your child.  I’ve played around with it today and have been quite impressed.  I think it will be a great occasional supplement for my 1st & 3rd graders, who are both fairly proficient at typing.

Speaking of typing, if you’re looking for a simple, reasonably-priced program for teaching children to type, I can recommend Typing Instructor for Kids.  My 3rd-grader is learning type very well with it.  There is an option, also, for learning the number keypad, and my 6-year-old enjoys that.

Another typing program that is free and online from the BBC that we have used for supplemental practice is called Dance Mat Typing.  It’s a little annoying, but gets the job done.

Do you have another typing program that you like? Leave me a comment to share!

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