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I enjoyed a few days unplugged for Christmas,

…but then the time away from the computer was lengthened by a swift-moving flu bug that found its way into our lives.  Blessedly, the children were mostly better by the time it hit me.  Here’s a fact I don’t casually offer up often: on winter days when this mama has a fever, the computer schedule gets tossed out the window.  It makes for some interesting behaviors to observe, for sure.

Generally speaking, purchased computer games are much better and safer than letting elementary-aged kids on the internet, where camouflaged advertisements are everywhere, and adult material is just a few misplaced clicks away.   There are many times when I’m tempted to throw out the computers altogether, but I know a more realistic approach is a very limited schedule of use, tightly adhered to, with available parental controls turned on, and frequent “snooping” over shoulders to critique the screen.   Don’t forget to check the browsing history to see exactly which sites have been hit, also.

If I had more time, I’d go to each of the following sites, review them more closely, and rate them by age-appropriateness, but for today I’m just going to list them.  I apologize if you find something inappropriate about one of them, be sure to let me know.  And my children would love for you to share your favorites that I’ve over-looked in a comment below!  Here’s our currently-bookmarked list of kids sites:

The first 3 sites my children have used, beginning at age 3:


Age 4 and up have used a variety of these, in no particular order:


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