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Introducing Keys of the Universe

I’ve posted previously about the Montessori primary (ages 3-6) online training program available from World Wide Montessori.  Today I’d like to share information about a Montessori elementary (ages 6-12) online training program called Keys of the Universe.  You can sign up for a single subject or the entire elementary curriculum, and receive both the albums and any online support desired.

The albums available include mathematics, geometry, language and literature, geography (geology, functional and economic geography, some physics), biology (botany, zoology, human health), music, art, history, astronomy, theory and background.  The owner/author, Jessica, is an AMI-trained homeschooling mom with a lot of training and experience to help you use these ideas at home with your own children.  Here’s how she describes her services:

Keys of the Universe albums are for the elementary age child – ages 6-12. Individual albums are available but I think the greatest benefit comes from being a part of the full course, which includes an online discussion community with additional files for particular situations and access to a growing database of resources.  The albums are primarily AMI albums with minor adaptations made for continuity and to include homeschool suggestions.  The most beneficial features of these albums:

  • Theory and background are included – it’s not just the “lesson plans” but the format of the elementary Montessori years
  • You get on-going support from someone using them right now
  • They cover the entire 6-12 continuum, allowing children to be where they need to be at any age; without arbitrary distinctions.

Jessica also provides a lot of Montessori insight and tips FOR FREE everyday at her blog Montessori Nuggets.  Let me know if you have any questions about this program, and I’ll add the answers to this post.  And check back soon because…

we’re going to be announcing

a Keys of the Universe give-away

later this week right here!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Keys of the Universe

  1. How I get started? Do I have to pay tuition? How long is the keys of the universe?

    I will like to be ready to work with my children by August!

    • thanks for stopping by, LP! All the information is on the Keys to the Universe website, just click on the link in the post.

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