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CC Cycle 1 Supplemental History Books

We are just about to begin a new school year, and our history spine will be Classical Conversations Cycle 1.  For every topic we discuss, we will try to memorize a sentence (spoken or sung), write the sentence and add it to a history binder, jot the event down in our Book of Centuries, and read a good book about the event.

I have finally put together my list of history books I want us to read this year, primarily with my 4th-grader in mind.  My list is quite aggressive, and if we don’t finish them all, that’s fine.  My goal is usually to read aloud one book each week, though obviously there are books that take more or less time than that, so I try to keep a very “fluid” attitude towards my list.  Several of the books will be independent reads, followed up with a simple book report.  (I will also bring home an arm-full of related books from the library each week.)  You can view the whole schedule here:

[button link=”” style=”download” color=”silver”]Cycle 1 History Book Schedule[/button]

There are other book suggestions, sorted by topic, on my Great Books For History page.  As a final note, I should mention that these books aren’t in a strict chronological order.  CC Cycle 1 jumps around a bit, and the majority of the books I want to read this year are set in the early years; there were too many of them to fit in during just the early weeks, so I spread them out where I could.  I’m always looking for great book recommendations so please share your favorites that I’m missing!


2 thoughts on “CC Cycle 1 Supplemental History Books

  1. Maybe you mentioned it, but I wondered what the different colors stand for? Thanks. BTW, thanks for sharing all the great lists and ideas you’ve put together!


    • Hi, Pam, thanks for stopping by! I’m a visual person who loves to color-code my files, lol. The colors help me see which weeks are the 24 “CC” weeks (meaning the weeks we are studying specific Classical Conversation material) as opposed to the weeks which I think of as “off weeks”. And my 4th grader did read every book on this list this past school-year, and loved them all, and asked for more books by Caroline Snedeker for Christmas! When we brought out the book on Mohammed, I did add some post-it notes to the inside of the book with comments to help him understand fact vs. fiction and what I believed to not be true about that particular story. Hope this helps!

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