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Worldwide Montessori Online Training Program

A few years ago, I stumbled upon an offer by Karen Tyler, an AMS-trained Montessori teacher with 30 years of experience, to provide online teacher training and album building for a reasonable fee.  I jumped at the chance, and enjoyed not only being able to ask her any questions I had that came up, but also having easy-to-understand albums at my disposal, 24/7.  (The albums are files you may store on your computer or print and put into binders, as I did.)

No matter how well you understand Montessori philosophy and methods, it is still so helpful to have an album to refer to for ideas and specific material instructions.  Montessori albums not only tell you exactly how to use Montessori materials, but they describe extensions for each material – which is what helps you get your money’s worth out of the materials!  Alison’s Montessori sells Karen’s albums on their website, also.

Every 3 months, Karen begins a new class with students from around the world.  Start dates are March 1, June 1, Sept. 1, and Dec. 1.  The table of contents for each album you will build can be found on this page here.  You can find the specifics about the course fees on this page here.   Several options exist, but the cheapest option is to sign up for just one month of asking questions and downloading chapters to albums for just $10!  If you like what you’re getting, you can continue on as far as you like.

I think you’ll find that Karen is flexible, kind, and helpful.  She loves Montessori like I do, and just wants to share her expertise and promote this wonderful method of early education.  She also sells math support forms.  Check out her site if you’re interested in learning more!



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