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Montessori Workspace

I’ll admit it, I’m a pen & paper girl.  I’d rather be writing and planning and record keeping on paper than on my computer, but you can teach old dogs new tricks, and I’m getting more comfortable every year doing my work online.  For decades I kept lists of addresses and phone numbers and birthdays on scraps of paper, but I now have them 100% in my gmail account. <gasp!>

I’ve also been playing around with a FREE online Montessori record keeping service for my children.  The basic point is it helps you keep track of all the work you have done together, and it is fully customizable and you can print out reports or plans if you desire.  The secure (https) service, created by a Montessori teacher, is called Montessori Workspace, and although it is set up with a traditional Montessori classroom in mind, it is free if you have 5 or fewer students, so it’s a great fit for a homeschool, too.

According to the website:

Montessori Workspace is an online tool that transforms the way you organize, record and review every step of your students’ educational journey. It’s an easy, intuitive way to bring out the best in your teaching methods and the students you guide.

Montessori Workspace was designed to replace the notebook approach to Montessori record keeping with an easy, intuitive online interface. It’s a far easier way to input and retrieve student data, plus it allows you to generate instant reports on each child’s progress.

If you have any questions, check out the website, or if anyone would like a one-on-one demo, you can email the site operator at  tim@montessoriworkspace.com!


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