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Learning About The Elements

This post is for sharing great science books on the following topics:


The Elements

The Periodic Table


[For a list of all science topics covered on this site, click here.]

The Mystery of the Periodic Table, by B. Wiker. 170 pages.  My 9-year-old couldn’t put this book down; he finished it in two days.


The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe, by T. Gray.

Theodore Gray’s Elements Vault

The Photographic Card Deck of the Elements


What are your favorite science books on this topic? Feel free to share in a comment, thanks!



2 thoughts on “Learning About The Elements

  1. We have The Elements and the Photo cards – we LOVE them! Amazon has a great price on them right now (together, they are enough for free super saver shipping too!).

  2. Yes, we’ve enjoyed them, too. The Elements book is a coffee-table book and conversation piece. My 7 & 9-year-olds like to lay out the cards on the floor in the positions of the periodic table. The “vault” book is the one I’ve questioned purchasing, because it is very similar to the Elements book, but it’s great for reinforcement. All 3 items can be enjoyed from elementary school through adulthood…

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