Celebrating Holidays

Paper Snowflakes and the NORAD Santa Tracker

Advent is flying by and I have a huge writing project I’m obsessed with this month, so I’m bringing up a few posts from last December to share some ideas and links we’ve enjoyed in the past.

Next week we will begin taking off of our regular school work and enjoying crafts, cooking, and a variety of Christmas activities and preparations.  My 8-year-old is looking forward again to enjoying the NORAD Santa tracker, a very cool geography supplement to follow on Christmas Eve!  (Who says I’m a Santa snub?)

We’ve glued cotton balls onto construction paper to make snowmen.  We’re reading a lot of books.  The kids are making home-made gifts and have learned about Saint Nicholas and Our Lady of Guadalupe.  We’ve made paper snowflakes using the instructions from the fun book linked below:

  • start with a square paper
  • fold the square in half diagonally to make a triangle
  • fold the triangle in half so that the corners meet
  • fold the paper into thirds (shown below in step 5)
  • cut straight across the bottom of the triangle
  • carefully cut out a design
  • open and hang or paste onto colored paper!

What have you been up to this month?

I Hope You Have A Wonderful Christmas!



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