Our Homeschool


When it comes to toys and gifts, I admit I am a minimalist.

I will occasionally share ideas for some of our hands-down favorite toys, the ones that get used by children of a variety of ages and both genders.  In recognition of “Black Friday”, I’ll share today one of my recommendations for children ages 2-6.  Playsilks.

One of the Montessori “ideals” is to use natural materials within the child’s environment.  Silk is a fascinating material that is attractive to children of many ages, and you can cheaply dye white silks with Kool-Aid, a splash of vinegar, and some hot water.  I know there are many blog posts like this one that have already been written about dyeing silks with this method.  If you don’t want to dye your own, there are many home businesses that sell them in every color.

I dyed our silks with a 6-year-old helper one night and we both enjoyed the magical, multi-sensory process.  I purchased the quality, reasonably-priced silks from Dharma Trading in a variety of sizes, and after dying we rinsed them out easily in the bathtub, then hung them up to dry.  I also provide a specific container to hold all the silks; that’s a requirement for toys here – each one needs a dedicated container of some sort, and a specific place in the house to be kept.  A small basket of clothes-pins is the perfect pair for a playsilk basket.  Enjoy!


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