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Here’s A Site For Great Book Reviews!

The “trouble” with teaching 4-year-olds how to read is that by age 6 or 7 they are picking chapter books off the shelves left and right.

And what parent has time to preview all of those books?!   Just because it’s found in the “children’s section” of your local library, it doesn’t mean that the book is necessarily going to have innocent themes or be worthy of your child’s time.  Today I’d like to share a blog called Reading Matters which provides excellent, detailed, and thorough book reviews for children and adults alike.  It’s provided by MercatorNet.com, an organization whose purpose is to promote the dignity of the human person.

I’ve asked editor Jennifer M. to tell us about the site:

“We provide reviews of children’s and young adult literature of all genres, both old and new.  We post 2 or 3 such reviews per week which summarize the plot and discuss the literary value and style of these books.  Reviewers also mention any noteworthy aspects of character development (e.g., exceptional virtue or lack thereof) or controversial themes.  All reviews are accompanied by recommendations and a link to Amazon’s website for further reference.”

If you visit Reading Matters, you’ll see on the right-hand column where to quickly find book recommendations for children of specific ages.  You can also search for titles and authors.  An easy way to get quick updates on the new reviews available is to subscribe to their blog.  You can also suggest books for them to review!  What a great service this is to parents.  Thanks for the information, Jennifer!


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