Our Homeschool

U.S. Geography Game and… Arm Slings

Well, I’ve managed to really mess up the shoulder of my dominant arm, and am now typing left-handed and partly sedated – I apologize if this post doesn’t make any sense!

For school this week, we have been reviewing the anatomy of the shoulder and practicing helpfulness.  I also announced that we should all learn to make arm slings.  My eight-year-old ran to retrieve an old Boy’s Life Magazine, and flipped it open to a page with all the information we needed to learn this skill.  Now when they play “war” with the neighborhood boys, the injured “soldiers” will be receiving slings, so I’ve been told.  I highly recommend the Boy’s Life magazine for the elementary-aged boys in your life.  We also watched this how-to video on making slings.  It was an excellent Practical Life activity for the week.

To reward the children for good behavior in the waiting room of my doctor’s office (and to buy myself some extra rest-time), I gave them a new game I had been reserving for Christmas called Scrambled States.  It is excellent culmination for the U.S. geography we have studied this semester.  My six and eight year-olds are enjoying it greatly.  And I am off to retrieve another ice pack.  Hopefully I’ll be back to full typing-speed soon.



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