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Getting To Know “Montessori For Everyone”

If you’ve searched for educational materials for your children, I hope you’ve come across Montessori For Everyone.  This site, owned by Lori Bourne, is a great resource for high-quality digital files you can print and use as needed.  I have enjoyed using several of Lori’s materials with my children over the years.

Lori sells materials primarily to Montessori schools and homeschools.   She has materials for toddlers (2-3), preschoolers (3-6), and elementary students (6-12).  Categories include: language, phonics & reading, math, geometry, botany & zoology, geography, history, astronomy, and art & music.

They also provide a Montessori blog and have a thriving Facebook page with over 11,000 fans!  I asked Lori to tell me about her site:

Our products are designed to be easy to use – just print, laminate, and cut.  Because they are emailed there’s no shipping charge and you don’t have to wait for the materials to come in the mail. We are known for the beautiful, high-quality photographs we use that make our materials very appealing to young children.  Our Montessori blog has a wealth of posts about every aspect of Montessori, education, homeschooling, and child development. As well, we have over 100 free downloads at our site covering every area, including language, math, science, and history.

If you haven’t visited in a while, head on over and find something new for the indoor days of winter!  Thanks for telling us about your site, Lori!

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