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Skewed News Tutor

Today I’d like to share with you an interesting, brand-new website that is both for adults and older children.  It’s called Skewed News Tutor, and it’s purpose is to help us all be better critics of the news media we see and listen to.  The brain-child of journalist Colleen Bradford Krantz, the site provides FREE videos made specifically from different, biased angles, with added “pop-ups” explaining how the bias is being shoved down your throat promoted.

This journalism education is a must for all who watch the news these days.  Skewed News Tutor makes it easy to learn and it’s free!  If you are interested in the details, click over to the website or read on.  Here’s what Krantz has to say about her site:

Skewed News Tutor is a new initiative designed to help children and adults learn how to view and read news critically. Six out of 10 Americans believe news reporting is biased.  Still, the public still trusts the media more than any other source of information – such as businesses and government.  Our first project is to create three-piece videos that illustrate how the same news report might change based on the personal feelings of the journalist.  One segment is “centered” and is our attempt at telling both sides fairly, while the other two are deliberately skewed or slanted — our example of careless journalism. Our hope is that our 20-minute video sets will help students and the general public to learn to pinpoint exactly why a report might seem to be off.  And we hope it gives them the information to calmly explain those specific concerns to a news source.  The good ones will listen.  We also want them to appreciate high-quality reporting when they see it and become dedicated followers of those particular journalists. Our first video was released November 1st at SkewedNewsTutor.com and focuses on livestock housing. We hope to release a new skew set every few months on a variety of topics.


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