Our Homeschool

Drama In The Homeschool

Is there a lot of drama in your house?

Maybe if you have several adolescent daughters?!

We don’t deal with a lot of drama here – just a bunch of happy, rambunctious boys.  I do, however, want to give them a taste of the thespian experience. Our library has a copy of this book for elementary teachers, which we’ve used as a gentle, easy beginning to “putting on plays.”  It is called 25 Just-Right Plays for Emergent Readers by Carol Pugliano-Martin.

The parenting section of our library has several books with plays for children. This week our older 2 boys are putting on the play entitled “Time for Fall” about 2 leaves hanging high up in a tree, getting ready to fall. I have asked them to practice every day, and be ready to perform for the family on Friday. I think they’ve decided to do it as a puppet show, which is perfect for beginners, because they can read the play instead of memorizing it, and “hide” their faces behind a blanket-draped table.

We also own and enjoy this charades board-game:

There are 450 different suggestions to act out – I put all the cards into a little basket and let the kids pick. This is an optional part of our morning group time together, and it’s a great way to start the school day.

I have the fondest memories, as a college student, of attending Shakespeare plays in England – the best of all at the Globe in London.  I look forward with joy to the day that I can take my kids to something similar.  I bet they’ll understand a lot more of it than I did!



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