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Printable Map For The Election Day

This morning my 9-year-old asked me if I could get him a map to color in red and blue as the election results are returned tomorrow night.  He remembered doing this 4 years ago!

We don’t have TV in our home, so we’ll have to get our news from the internet, which I admit is not as exciting.  Maybe we’ll venture out to a coffee shop nearby which I’m sure will have live coverage playing on their large flat-screen.  The kids can sip their hot-chocolates.  I predict my stomach will be too tied in knots of anxiety to be eating or drinking!

Of course you can use a plain, unlabeled map of the states.  I’ll be using this one from Congress for Kids.net which shows the electoral vote numbers.  (It’s available in different sizes, look at the bottom of their right-hand sidebar for the link.)

(Here’s a PDF version of this map, which they wrote was under a creative commons license:)

[button link=”https://helpingchildrenlearn.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/electoral_vote_map.pdf” style=”download” color=”silver”]Electoral College Map[/button]

Looking for more election activity ideas?

  • There are some nice collections on Pinterest like this one from PragmaticMom.
  • We have had fun in the past making a voting box and letting the little kids vote on things like “what do you want to have for an afternoon snack today?”

Whatever you do, GO VOTE!   This action speaks louder than words.


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