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Sample Schedules For Classical Conversations At Home

I have so much I want to write about education!

The raising of little ones and learning to recognize their individual needs is fodder for limitless discussion.  Although it is Montessori philosophy that guides how we learn in our home, the incorporation of Classical Conversations gives us a comprehensive outline and a schedule.  If you are interested in using Classical Conversations as a spine in your homeschool, you can start by plotting out on a calendar when you want to introduce each of the 24 weeks of material contained in the CC Foundations Guide.  My tentative plan for the 2012-2013 schoolyear looks like this:  [button link=”” style=”download” color=”silver”]Click to View Our CC Schedule[/button]

Granted, the dates are flexible.  “CC” weeks, as we call them, are busy for me, full-speed-ahead weeks.  The “off weeks” are also busy (that’s life for moms of little kids,) but the atmosphere and schedule are much lighter.  To see what we do on typical CC days as well as during typical “off” days, view this: [button link=”” style=”download” color=”silver”]Our Daily Schedule For CC-Weeks and Off-Weeks[/button]

Hope this helps!

This post has been updated to reflect the changes I’ve made for the 2012-2013 schoolyear!

9 thoughts on “Sample Schedules For Classical Conversations At Home

  1. Can you please explain what you are doing with the Science projects for week 19 -24

    Probablity and Data Lab – i have nothing to describe them

  2. Hi, Jennifer – the Probability Data Lab for weeks 19-24 science are described in pages 125-131 of the Foundations Curriculum Guide (I have the 3rd edition.) These are obviously copyrighted materials that I can’t share. The math program that we use (Shiller) covers probability sufficiently, so I won’t spend too much extra time on this subject with my own kids. Also, if you go to Amazon and search for “probability” under “children’s books” you will find several great books to supplement these concepts.

  3. I had a question. I’ve been considering doing each CC week for two weeks. We school year round, i’m going to continue to use sonlight cores and montessori blocks, and then taking time off from those as we need/see fit… but keeping CC scheduled as the memory topic for 2 weeks straight before moving on…So we would be doing 48 weeks of CC with 4 weeks (with weeks of easter, summer [just before we start our school year], fall, and christmas off) b/c i see CC as being light… do you have any thoughts on this?? any possible advantages or drawbacks to this idea, from your perspective?

    • There were many times I wish I had done just as you have in mind, because some weeks it seemed like we didn’t do the topics justice. (Mostly I blamed that on my own laziness!) Some of topics, however, I would not have even included in the program if it had been up to me, and it was a struggle to get through a few of them, although you can creatively expand things or find similar things to read about. My main concern would be getting burn-out from a 48-week plan. We also schooled “year-round” every year, but summers were very different by nature because of traveling, swim lessons, baseball, and so on. You need to be able to take extended breaks where you don’t feel the _daily_ need to “review our memorywork” and so on. CC is only light if you are just trying to memorize sentences, and not really digging in with time-period picture books, timelines, field trips, narrations, and so on. Good luck, whichever way you decide to go!

  4. You have brought some confirmation. Last night my husband and I had “the talk” about the year. I WAS considering adding in a whole core from sonlight, or long reading lists and extra scheduled science work, etc. But he helped cross that out for me. 🙂 Seeing that BOTH CC and Montessori are new.

    So now, we are doing the bare bones and will add onto it if/when needed. The basics will include CC Audio CD or review work at lunch together having at least one montessori block, with the first part of the morning doing a set time on some LA and RightStart Math and then finishing out that block. Then if it’s open in the afternoon again having that Montessori block and we will have SOTW Audios to listen to throughout the weeks or days as inspired… this is our basic plan. I also have some resources/books on hand that would go with the cycle we will be on already as inspiration or kids curiosity hits.

    I appreciate you explaining what would make the CC week heavy… I’m thinking then that when we need a break it shouldn’t be too hard to pop in the pre-prepared audio cd/mp3s when we are mobile or relaxing in some form in the home… Thanks for your response!

    forgive any typos – i’m a little sleep deprived. 🙂

    • good luck! Keep in mind that when starting new programs or schedules, it’s the first week or two that are hardest, once the kids get into the new schedule and know what to expect (and what is expected of them) it all gets easier.

  5. I have a question.. i’m tempted to do the whole CC line up just as a discipline, b/c we are doing it daily for 2 weeks (6 days a week). I know that some people skip certain subject topics in the CC memory work based on their families preferences. How have your kids responded to memorizing the latin portion? we have done some song school latin at home.

    • We could not find joy in CC Latin, and after the first year switched completely to Prima Latina. It was a great choice for us. The following year we switched out grammar entirely, as well, opting for First Language Lessons instead. That left math, science, history, and geography plus fine arts.

  6. wow, ok, i’m glad i asked b/c i have kept going back and forth on doing song school latin songs and pronunciations guides as well as using FLL’s grammar instead, too! thx! I think i need to go with that instinct. my daughter already has much of FLL’s memory work down too, i don’t wish to confuse her.

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