Our Homeschool

Our Last Day Of The Schoolyear!

Journal Entry of May 11, 2012:

It’s very difficult for me to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s been a whole year since I set up this website.  Without advertising it much at all, the site has gotten over 15,000 hits (not including mine!) and I am fascinated when I click on the ClustrMap and see where hits have come from in just the past 2 months – all 50 States, 6 continents, and 60 countries.  (7 hits from Pakistan?!)  What a connected world we live in, and I love this opportunity to share my education thoughts and read your comments and questions.

One of my first posts was about ending our 2010/2011 school year with presentations to Dad and handing out report cards.  Tonight we did the same routine, and I am again in awe that another year has passed!   One at a time, youngest to oldest, I summed up for my husband what the child accomplished throughout the school year and what our plans are for working on during this summer.  Then the child handed dad a poem they had written out as copywork, and then recited the poem for him.  (I hand-picked and assigned their specific poems a few weeks ago from our Linguistic Development Through Poetry materials.)  Daddy reviewed the contents of their school binders for each subject.  (This took a full hour with my 3rd grader.)  And report cards were given.  (These are not Montessori in any way, but they come with manilla envelopes and I think they are adorable!  My husband always chuckles when he sees that I’ve simply written “pass” for each grade.)

Life has been normal this school-year, which means that (just like for everyone else) it has been crazy and unpredictable.  Our spring weather has been glorious like I’ve never experienced before, we’ve gotten the flu twice (again), we had funerals for my father-in-law and a 9-year-old step-niece, my husband had a lot of travel and long hours for his job, we had an “extra” 3-year-old in the home for a couple of months, and one of our children has had two seizure-like episodes that a neurologist is now investigating.  Life happens.  Next year will bring it’s own joys and sorrows that I will now try to prepare for, by spending several days cleaning, purging, organizing, and then (eventually) planning out and preparing as much ahead of time as I can for next year.  We have decided to continue homeschooling for another year, and we will be using Cycle 1 of Classical Conversations as our history and science spine, which we covered during the 2009/2010 schoolyear.  As I wrote in my post this time last year,

So now, today, I begin looking forward to another school year… and just knowing that I have a whole new opportunity to tweak our curriculum and pick up loose ends brings me joy.

Lots of joy.

Thanks for stopping by!


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