History Books By Topic

Learning About MesoAmerica

This post is for sharing “living” or great books on the following history topics:

MesoAmerican History

Olmecs, Mayans, Aztecs, Cortes, Montezuma

(For the list of all history topics addressed by this blog, click here.)

For Elementary Students:
My boys like the Jeff Corwin videos, and on disc 3 of this volume here (which we have seen on Netflix) is a trip to Panama showing many sights from central America:

The First Americans: A History of US
by Joy Hakim. We read portions of this book while studying the Aztecs:

These are gigantic maps full of information about MesoAmerica, published by National Geographic:

This hard-back Usborne book is a great spine for elementary students. It has 2-page spreads for a variety of different topics. The first several spreads cover basic archaeology and the earliest civilizations. The book covers basic elements of world history up to (but not including) World War I.

For High School Students:


What are your favorite history books on this topic? Feel free to share with a comment below.


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