History Books By Topic

Learning About European Exploration

This post is for sharing “living” or great books on the following history topics:

European Exploration

Ericson, Henry the Navigator, Dias,

Vespucci, Balboa, Magellan

(For the list of all history topics addressed by this blog, click here.)

For Elementary Students:
Henry the Navigator by Claude Hurwicz:

Tools of Navigation: A kid’s Guide to the History & Science of Finding Your Way by Rachel Dickinson:

Henry the Navigator by Lisa Ariganello:

This interesting, hardback book is full of outstanding maps and concise descriptions of famous European explorers. Beautifully illustrated.

This one might be at your library – it’s a coffee-table-size book all about life on-board a huge ship during the 18th century. There could not be more detail in one book:

For High School Students:


What are your favorite history books on this topic? Feel free to share with a comment below.


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