History Books By Topic

Learning About Early Civilizations

This post is for sharing “living” or favorite books on the following history topics:


The First Civilizations



For a list of all history topics included in this site, click here.

There is a compact timeline of ancient history at Wikipedia here covering years 3500 BC to 500 AD.

The Code of Hammurabi dates back to 1772 B.C.


For Elementary Students: This hard-back Usborne book is a great spine for elementary students.  It has 2-page spreads for a variety of different topics.  The first several spreads cover basic archaeology and the earliest civilizations.  The book covers basic elements of world history up to (but not including) World War I.

This informational picture book is about cultures still alive today in 10 different countries around the world, with a focus on their diverse ways of building houses. It is a good follow-up to the study of ancient civilizations.

Pompeii, Buried Alive, by Edith Kunhardt, a Step Into Reading Level 4 book. Pompeii was buried during the 1st century A.D., but this book demonstrates basic archeology concepts.


For High School Students:


What are your favorite history books on this topic? Feel free to share with a comment below.


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