History Books By Topic

Learning About Columbus and the Pilgrims

This post is for sharing great books on the following history topics:

Columbus, the Pilgrims

the Mayflower Compact, Plymouth

(For the list of all history topics addressed by this blog, click here.)

As this is the first link under the heading “American History” I’ll add an online resource that can be handy is this free American History timeline.

If you like concise summaries, as I do, you’ll like this book. We use it as an American History reference, just reading a couple pages a week and enjoying the great charts and diagrams and illustrations. This book is also recommended in the Classical Conversations program:

For Elementary Students:
Pedro’s Journal by Pam Conrad.  I have written a 2-page Reading Comprehension quiz for this book, answers included.  View or down-load it here:  [button link=”https://helpingchildrenlearn.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/pedrosjournal.pdf” style=”download” color=”silver”]Pedro’s Journal Reading Comprehension Worksheet[/button]

This is a “step into reading” book for your younger students:

One of my favorite stories about the Mayflower, full of information and great illustrations:

This picture book is for younger readers, very informational, and includes recipes for “baked butternut squash”, “New England mashed turnips”, “pilgrim’s honey apples”, and “maple-ginger tea.”

Three Young Pilgrims, by Cheryl Harness

This interesting, hardback book is full of outstanding maps and concise descriptions of famous European explorers. Beautifully illustrated.

I Wonder Why Columbus Crossed the Ocean by Rosie Greenwood – a Kingfisher reference book full of illustrations.

Another book on the topic of a more modern Thanksgiving – a fun picture book:

Not a book, it’s a large map by National Geographic, full of information, called “Where Did Columbus Discover America?”

An older biography (1979) with a detailed story:

This hard-back Usborne book is a great spine for elementary students. It has 2-page spreads for a variety of different topics. The first several spreads cover basic archaeology and the earliest civilizations. The book covers basic elements of world history up to (but not including) World War I.

For High School Students & parents:
My husband and I enjoyed watching this very well-done movie (from Netflix.) It would be appropriate for middle or high school students, and is 2 1/2 hours long:


What are your favorite history books on this topic? Feel free to share with a comment below.


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