History Books By Topic

Learning About Ancient Egypt

This post is for sharing “living” or great books on the following history topics:

Seven Wonders of the World

Ancient Egypt, Pyramids, King Tut

(For the list of all history topics addressed by this blog, click here.)

Children seem to be naturally interested in ancient Egypt, and the book market has responded – there are too many children’s books on Egypt to mention.  A large collection is listed on this page at Greenleaf Press.

For Elementary Students:
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, by Lynn Curlee. Has a nice 2-page spread showing famous structures and their comparative sizes.

Exploring Wonders of the World by David Seidman. This information book begins with the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and moves on to more modern wonders:

Pyramid, by David Macaulay:

Great Ancient Egypt Projects You Can Build Yourself, by Carmella Van Vleet:

One of our favorites is this book by Aliki:

Secrets of the Sphinx, by J. Giblin:

Not a book, but a giant map published by National Geographic – we love looking at these:

This hard-back Usborne book is a great spine for elementary students. It has 2-page spreads for a variety of different topics. The book covers basic elements of world history up to (but not including) World War I.

For High School Students:


What are your favorite history books on this topic? Feel free to share with a comment.


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